Some Stuff I’ve Done

  • SEO since August of 2001.
  • Former Director of Search Marketing at WebSourced/Keyword Ranking.
  • Former VP of Operations at Fortune Interactive.
  • SEO, Tech, Marketing consulting since November of 2006.
  • Started ontolo – what I think of as the next generation of prospecting tools – in July of 2008. Released in December of 2008. ontolo is, fundamentally, a very fast, large scale, precise research tool with all of its features tailored to a wide range of marketing disciplines.
  • Relationship/Dating coach for women in 2013. Considering returning to relationship coaching in 2017. (ontolo is still my primary focus. I just get asked to help folks with their relationships too often to keep ignoring it.) You can see this previous work at Full Feminine.
  • Rewrote all of ontolo in pure C from December of 2014 through May of 2016. It is very fast, very lightweight, very scalable, and does a lot of things that no other marketing tools are capable of doing. I’m currently working through user interface features and am logging the process on the vlog.
  • Started a product development/design/marketing vlog in October of 2016.
  • Bonus: Owned the lease on Pulse, a 14,000+ square foot warehouse on 2.5 acres in Austin, TX in 2000 and 2001. Threw raves. It was fun.

Work with Me

  • If you’re a marketer, sign up for ontolo.
  • I’m available to speak at conferences on anything related to vlogging, programming/technology, marketing, or entrepreneurship.
  • I’m more than happy to jump on a podcast or be a guest on your vlog as well.
  • I occasionally do consulting work if the project is both challenging and interesting. Most often, this centers on making sense of large quantities of data, and writing custom code to do so. An example of this is a news site I worked with to analyze over 200,000 articles they had published, identify important people, places, events, etc, design a custom taxonomy, then analyze all previous articles to properly classify each. This all was then wrapped in an on-page SEO strategy to optimize for the many thousands of taxonomy items, as well as the millions of taxonomy combinations (e.g. person+event).

Contact Me

Email me at my first name, dot, my last name, using GMail.