A Short Word on Designing an Introverted Social Life

I’m an introvert yet, somehow, I found myself spending lots of time with lots of people. It eventually got to the point where I began logging how much time and when I spent time with people. The first five days I logged, it was 65 hours.

Aside from the fact that most of my work fell to the wayside, that is not a good way to be an introvert.

So I started re-evaluating how I wanted people to fit into my life.

What I came up with?

The more drained I feel after spending time with someone, the less I spend time with them.The better I feel good after spending time with someone? The more I spend time with them.

I’m almost three months in and am happier, more productive, have better energy levels, and the quality of my relationships has increased.

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  1. Curious – how d’you go about *nicely* avoiding time with people that are draining? Especially if they pursue your time.


    • I told people I needed more time to get things done. Previously, when someone asked if I had time to hang out, I said yes if I wasn’t hanging out with anyone else. I now make the decision that I don’t have time to hang out if I just need the time, if I have other work I could/should be doing, etc.

      In short, I made my own priorities, my priority.


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